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Working at
Lacad Co. Work Spaces Design

Lacad Co. is proud to present its talented team of interior design professionals, who work closely both remotely via Zoom and in the office to find easy solutions for each design project. With their innovative 3D design process, they are able to achieve greater precision, accuracy, and the perfect color and furniture choices.


At Lacad Co., we specialize in creating modern and functional work spaces that reflect the unique culture of the company. We strive to create a space that improves the employee morale, productivity and collaboration. Our work is focused on creating a positive work environment for all our teams.

We know that a well-designed work space can make all the difference in the world, and that's why we take the time to to understand the needs of each company. We create custom designs tailored to the company's brand, from the size of the space to the colours and furnishing. Making your company stand out to show your visitors who you are.


At Lacad Co., we believe that great workspaces start with great people. We offer a variety of career opportunities in interior design, from entry level positions all the way up to senior designers. Our team is made up of talented, passionate professionals who strive to create beautiful and functional workspaces for our clients. We provide an excellent work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, making Lacad Co. a great place to work. If you’re looking for a career in interior design, we invite you to join our team and help us create inspiring workspaces.

for Professionals

Lacad Co. offers amazing opportunities for professional interior designers to bring creative ideas and designs to life. Our team of experienced and passionate interior designers is ready to take a look at your work.  

for Students

Introducing Lacad Co. - an innovative interior design business working to create the perfect workspaces. With a team of highly experienced specialists and the opportunity for student designers to get involved, Lacad Co. is the perfect choice for creating a custom workspace.

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